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A friend of mine asked to interview me for a college paper.  Thought you might enjoy it as well.

You’ve have played at some great festivals around the world including Mexico but where did you have the best time? 

That’s a tough question.  I’ve had an absolute blast at many festivals and parties.  Playing in Mexico for Metagenesis was definitely a peak moment for me.  The energy in the Mexico scene is on another level and quite exciting.  Pride and Pink Saturday in San Francisco are also fantastic.  It’s always cool to play psytrance for folks who wouldn’t normally go to a psytrance party and see them loving it!

Dance music is becoming more popular each passing year, Do you think psytrance will ever have a chance to crack the mainstream?

Hm.  I think psytrance was mainstream in some countries during a certain period of time.  Most notably Israel about 5-10 years ago.  My friends tell me they would play psytrance in the grocery store, at the gym etc.  I think as time goes on more people will get back into it, but it goes in cycles.  I don’t think it will reach the same level as house or dubstep but it has its own place which is special and hopefully growing!

I know your headphones broke at Pride Festival last year, Do you have any big fears while you are performing? 

Its always scary when something goes down on stage.  In some of my more complicated live setups I’ve also encountered situations where I forgot a cable that made it so my live set wouldn’t work.  The best thing to do is be as prepared as possible, bring backups!!!  In the case of headphones usually you can borrow some from another DJ.  If the mixer or CDJ’s go down, hopefully the promoter brought back ups as the DJ isn’t normally responsible for that gear.  Also be careful not to hit the wrong buttons when the energy gets crazy!  The last thing you want to do is abruptly stop the music mid party.

If you could tell something to your 21 year old self, what would it be? 

I would say HURRY UP!!!  The biggest mistake I made is that I always thought success would come to me, because it did in my earliest years (16-19) very quickly and easily.  When I was 21 I thought I could just keep doing what I was doing and I would continue to grow.  WRONG.  If you want to be successful you have to work hard every day and never get comfortable with where you are.  I would also tell my 21 year old self to stop messing around with DJ’ing and focus full time on production.  I waited till I was about 23 to get serious about production and that’s definitely something I regret.

You have conquered the San Francisco rave scene, what is your next goal? 

My next goal is to launch a new secret project I have been formulating for some time.  I am planning to write a concept album under a different name and launch a major campaign of promotion and touring.  It’s time to branch out!!

Being a producer I’m sure you drink a ton of coffee, but what exactly keeps you up at night?

To be honest I try not to stay up too late at night.  I have learned that I am the most effective in the early mornings.  When my brain is fresh I can produce better music and just work more efficiently overall.  Because of this I try to go to bed at a reasonable time and make sure I get at least 6 hours of sleep so I can rock it the next day.  Of course this all gets mucked up on the weekends with performing at clubs and shows but I try to stick to this as much as possible.

And Ill leave you with an easy one, Whats the purpose of life? 

Ha!  That’s not easy!!  That could be a novel right there.  However I will say this.  Ultimately true success can’t be measured by how much money you have or how many shows you’ve played.  True success is measured by how happy you are, how much you love what you do.  One of my core philosophies is “Balance”.  I try to always keep balance in mind when I am working hard (or playing hard).  Maintaining the yin and yang, the flow of health and energy - mentally and physically.  Taking breaks from the studio, spending time with loved ones and listening to music just for fun are all things I do to help when I get deep in a work flow.  At the same time, folks gotta understand that when I am on fire in the studio, it’s probably best to give me the time and space I need to do what I do best.


Episode 16 of the Game Audio Podcast is up and available for free download!

If you are interested in Game Audio or Adaptive/Interactive Sound/Music, this Podcast is a must listen.  These guys are really fun and very informative, covering a vast array of real world issues in Adaptive Sound.  I have listened to almost every episode at this point and once I get through them all I will likely listen to them all again.  They are that awesome :)